What a fall it has been! On August 30 we welcomed our third son, Thomas John, into our life. At the same time, we returned to our off farm teaching work, and in October, we re-opened the restaurant for monthly events after some time off to spend with Thomas. Finally, just this week we solidified plans to expand our little vegetable CSA and finished (almost) building a hoop house in the kitchen garden to supply the restaurant through the winter and early spring months! Stressfull to be sure, but it feels more like an abundance of riches!

The hoop house was the third and final project resulting from our spring Kickstarter  campaign, in which almost 60 supporters donated over $4000 to the farm for several important capital projects, including the hoop house.  We were thrilled to experience such support, just as we’ve been humbled by the continued support for the restaurant and our small, but growing CSA.

A view of the portion of the garden destined for the greenhouse. To the left and past the greenhouse site is a cover crop of oats.

Bending pipe with our good friend Chris Lent of the National Center for Appropriate Technology. We’re using a pipe bender produced by Lost Creek Farm.

The pipes are bent, assembled, and ready to move to the garden.

The skeleton structure ready for plastic. The pipe is made out of 1 3/8 inch chain link fence top rail.

We lucked out with a warm and windless day for skinning the house with plastic, secured with wiggle wire poly latch channel.
Just missing plastic on the ends.

Baby lettuce under a second layer of plastic inside the house. The double layer of plastic or row cover is the secret of winter protection. The house won’t be heated, so this double protection is essential.