068I wrote this a few weeks ago… May is in full swing now!

After several warm days and some good rain, the green grass has returned. It’s such a change from last weekend when we were at the house. This weekend, the sticky lilac leaves have appeared, with the dollhouse-sized dark purple bouquets deep within. They will grow bigger every day; I love to watch it. The daffodils are blooming now at the house, about a week behind those at our campus home. It is always interesting to see the seasonal delay, when we travel back and forth on weekends. Just a thirty mile difference, but closer to the river on campus.

At our April dinner recently, and I was struck while serving some longtime patrons that although they had been here last summer, it felt like longer since I had seen them. I think the feeling came because we’ve now had a winter restaurant season as well. This is our first year doing dinners each month, rather than taking a break from February to June. There’s been a coziness about the early dark, with our candles that line the front windowsills visible when people arrive and the glow from the farmhouse windows. Of course, we can adjust menus to feature lots of root vegetables and heartier dishes that we might not serve in the summer. The best thing, though, about this winter has been our new greenhouse and the greens that it provided us: the fresh baby lettuce, sweet spinach, and long, thin carrots. We’re very excited about this new addition to our business, funded in part by our Kickstarter campaign. Our boys love it, too.

It’s a challenge to keep up with blogging when we’re not living at the house full time, and when our life is full enough that finding time to reflect on it is scanty. But it’s important to keep connected, and to keep a record here for friends far and wide.

We’re doing a lot of work these days, growing seedlings, planting them, and preparing fields for our CSA. I say “we” to be generous to myself, but Justin is doing the most. Having the kids this young is a real challenge, even though we have the support of family close by. I look forward to the time when we can all work together. We’ll write more soon.

– Dillon Naylor