A little over a month ago we made our annual return to the farm. Having finished another year of living and teaching at a nearby boarding school, we’ve returned to live at the farm full time for the summer, the all-too-brief summer. This summer has been especially hectic because in addition to running the restaurant every weekend, we’ve expanded our vegetable CSA and now grow produce for over 15 families.

Overwhelming at times, it mostly feels like an abundance of riches. It’s taken us a month to get the house and farm fully under control so that we can think about writing and posting again. We hope to reflect regularly throughout the rest of the summer about the work we’re engaged in here, both farm and restaurant.

Every year we’re struck by the effect of moving back from the city where we teach to the rural, agricultural countryside. Of course, we spend many weekends and school breaks here during the year, but living here full time is different. As busy as we are, one feels more true leisure. Our three young sons are home full time, which offers both great challenges but even more great joys. Our middle child, three years old, loves to work…shoveling compost, picking peas, collecting rocks. Our five year old has become a competent strawberry picker for the first time, and though he’s not so much of a worker, he feels deeply the beauty of a flower and the scent of ripe fruit. Our ten month old scoots around on his bottom following mommy and daddy wherever we might go, sitting contentedly while we weed onions or water in the greenhouse

In this way, working from home feels much less like work than most other jobs. Family and work become more incorporated, less compartmentalized. Maybe this is why the work feels so much more leisurely, because even in the rush of the vegetable harvest, one can take a moment to swing in the hammock with a child, cook lunch for one’s family, or sit under a tree to read a quick chapter of a book. Even in the midst of such hurry, one can experience time as full and abundant.