Our Philosophy

Our concept of a farm-based restaurant was formed by our experiences traveling and dining in Italy, especially in the countryside. In Europe, farms are far more diversified than in this country, and a single farm might produce olive oil, wine, beef, and more. In Italy we first experienced on-farm restaurants as one expression of this diversity.

Our cooking is deeply shaped by being farm-based. For us the growing and cooking of food are woven into a whole, and it is this approach which motivates and inspires us. Our cooking aims to honor the integrity of our ingredients and to reflect the terroir of the surrounding countryside. Though meticulous, our cooking reflects the Italian approach of emphasizing not the chef, but the ingredients themselves.

2 thoughts on “Our Philosophy”

  1. Would love to get on your email list. I grew up in Nanticoke and occasionally make a summer visit to the area. Growing up, Boston Farm was a regular stop each summer. You have a great concept and I wish you great success. Hopefully we will see you, not this summer, but maybe next.


  2. Jim & Loretta Leo said:

    Please add us to your email list.

    Your neighbor 4 miles down the road


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